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UV Light Benifits

Germs. Even saying the word can prompt a facial response not that different from sucking lemons. It’s tough to keep spores, viruses and bacteria from triggering illness, despite our best efforts.

coolpoint air Branson, MO HVAC service repair

Well, the truth is, these airborne, illness-causing organisms can and do cause problems, for your family’s health and the “health” of your home heating & cooling system in Branson. One study showed that almost 20% of people with allergies directly suffer from exposure to fungi and bacteria in duct systems! The good news is that there’s a product to help: the Ultraviolet Germicidal Light.

These unique devices safely give off the highest UV light intensity available, helping to help eliminate airborne biological contaminants like germs. They also help decrease concentrations of airborne bio-aerosols by 50% within as little as 45 minutes. UV Germicidal Lights even help avert further buildup of germs in your home and inside your Heating & cooling system.

CoolPoint Air offers UV light systems that will take action and sanitize and sterilize your indoor coil with a really cool, high-tech light, giving you the highest indoor air quality possible. Don’t wait, call CoolPoint Air in Branson today at 417-231-1083 for a free in-home estimate.

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