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CoolPoint Air’s Commitment to it’s Customers:

  • We are committed to be a company well-known in our community for its exceptional service, integrity, and the understanding of our customer’s needs.

  • We will always communicate with one another and take time to listen and understand our customers’ needs and concerns and treat others the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

  • We will always fully and openly communicate with our customers all appropriate information.

  • We will always focus on our customers’ needs and earn their respect by building long term partnerships with them … based on mutual trust and respect; We will always be open and fair in all of our dealings with customers and pledge all of our efforts to deliver what we promise when it is promised.

  • We will always be honest in our billing and be sure that our invoicing system meets the customer’s needs.

  • We will always remember that the customer is our lifeblood and will always treat the customer with respect and concern.

  • We embrace fair competition. We advertise, promote, and market truthfully and accurately.

  • We take the time and effort to accurately and truthfully diagnose system performance.

  • We fully educate customers about our recommendations and options.

  • We will always secure pricing approval before performing work.

  • We at all times, we will show respect for our customers’ time, and be punctual.

  • We will demonstrate respect for the sanctity of our customer’s homes.

Our Commitment to Quality of Service:

  • We will always be committed to excellence and quality in the work we perform (maintenance, service and construction);

  • We will always operate our business in conformance with the highest standards of performance and business ethics;

  • We will always prepare and retain comprehensive service records and keep the customer informed of all work performed;

  • We will always respond to all requests for service or assistance in the fastest possible manner;

  • We will always stand behind the quality of our work.

Our Commitment to Our Local Community:

  • We will always be concerned with the needs of our local community, be it private or public, and pledge our ongoing efforts to make our community a better place to gather, live and work.

  • We are committed to be a company well-known in our community for its exceptional service, integrity, and the understanding of our customer’s needs


Our Commitment to Our Environment:

  • We will always be aware of the value of nature’s resources and pledge our commitment to prudent energy usage.

  • We will treat our environment with care in the conservation practices and services we offer and in the work we perform and focus our efforts on the enhancement of our ecology.

Our Commitment to Our Employees:

  • We will always have an undaunted commitment for continued training, skills improvement, self motivation and sound, fair and dynamic management practices;

  • We will employ those with an undaunted commitment for professionalism and excellence in service to our customers, our community and our environment.

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