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Sensi Thermostat Features. 

Take advantage of these Sensi thermostat app features

One of the best features of owning a Wi-Fi thermostat is the ability to have complete control of your home comfort, from across the couch or across the country. The Sensi™ Smart Thermostat app serves as your personal remote control, providing instant access to your thermostat via your smartphone. Change system settings, adjust the temperature and set or change schedules when you’re on the go - or just don’t want to get up.

In-app Usage Reports No more waiting for monthly summaries — now, you can monitor current day and historical heating, cooling and fan runtimes right in the app.

Dashboard The app is now easier to navigate through multiple thermostats thanks to a dashboard view - from one thermostat to many, you can control your comfort with a few taps. To access more detailed information about a thermostat, tap on the thermostat name and be taken to the thermostat detail view.

Geofencing For those living an unprogrammed life, we created the Geofencing feature. By using your phone’s location relative to your individual thermostat’s location, we can automatically set your mode to home or away, creating a 3-degree offset to save you money while you’re gone. You will need to enable the geofencing feature for each thermostat in your home.

Program a Schedule The Sensi thermostat app lets you create custom temperature schedules for each day of the week (up to seven independent schedules). This makes it easy to create one or multiple schedules to match your family’s routine. Using the Sensi thermostat app, select the days you want to follow a specific schedule. Then choose the time and temperature setpoints for each. When you are running a schedule, scroll across the Thermostat Detail View on the home screen to see your scheduled temperatures for the next 24 hours. You can also press on any of the temperature bubbles to open that specific schedule and make changes. Read more about Sensi thermostat schedules and settings.

If you or someone in your family makes an adjustment to the temperature at the actual wall unit while you are running a schedule, this will activate a temporary temperature change that lasts for 2 hours. This temporary change is displayed in the thermostat app by a white bar along the Timeline. This visual tells you the exact time that the change was made and when your original schedule will resume.

Keypad Lockout Tired of people messing with the thermostat? Enable Keypad Lockout right from the Sensi thermostat app. It’s an easy, convenient way to prevent accidental (or intentional) setting changes to your thermostat. It locks the buttons on the actual wall unit, but you maintain full control from your mobile app. Find the Keypad Lockout feature in your Advanced Settings. Learn more about Keypad Lockout.

SetPoint Controls If you are using the Auto Changeover (“Auto”) system mode, you can keep your home temperature within a specific range. Press and hold the setpoint buttons to make them move faster.

Temperature Offset If you have just installed a new Sensi thermostat, you might be used to the readings on your old unit. Temperature Offset is a feature that lets you adjust the room temperature reading +/- 5°F to match your preference. This is also useful if your thermostat is located in a particularly warm or drafty location and isn’t an accurate reflection of your room temperature.

(It also comes in handy if you want your spouse to think it’s a particular temperature so he/she won’t keep adjusting the thermostat. For this instance, we suggest using this feature wisely.)😉 System requirements: iOS - 10.0 or above Android - 4.2 or above (5.0 or greater to use the Geofencing feature)

Thermostat Detail View

If you would like to schedule getting a Sensi Thermostat installed call today at 417-231-1083 or message us via chat or email.

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