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Heat pump Installation Branson,MO: BOSCH

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Quality engineering, quiet performance and an unbeatable warranty from Bosch delivers exceptional home comfort. Whether heating or cooling, our reliable inverter heat pumps keep homeowners comfortable by providing precise indoor temperature and humidity control. These high-efficiency, robust and quiet Inverter Ducted Split system heat pumps are available in four sizes ranging from 2 to 5 ton capacity to suit your needs. This system boasts a variable speed inverter drive which adjust the speed of the compressor to optimize comfort, while keeping sound levels to a minimum and utilizing just the right amount of energy to achieve maximum efficiency up to 18 SEER for lower energy bills and higher comfort levels.

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Consistent Room Temperature - No Ups and Downs, Ons and Offs

Conventional heat pumps frequent cycling on and off can result in uncomfortable temperature fluctuations while inverter-driven pumps are able to self-adjust, providing consistent room temperature, even when the outdoor temperature dips below 5 degrees F.

Consume Only the Energy You Need

Modulating inverter systems deliver only the amount of hot or cool air needed to achieve the desired temperature – no more, no less. With an 18 SEER rating and 9.5 HSPF, the Inverter Ducted Split system can provide you with maximum comfort levels at a minimum cost.

Quiet Comfort Achieved

The Bosch Inverter Ducted Split system is one of the quietest air-to-air systems on the market. Through the use of foil-faced air handler cabinet insulation, silent blade technology, sound isolating mounts and outdoor condensing section placement - the system can deliver sound levels as low as 56dB - which is far superior to any standard system on the market.

Heats Up Quickly for Fast Response

It takes traditional systems a long time to reach the homeowner’s desired temperature, while the boosted compressor speed of inverter systems allow for quicker, smoother and more efficient heating and cooling.

Intelligent Control

The system along with an appropriate thermostat can learn your preferences, and adjust the output capacity to match your ideal temperature levels. The units also are compatible with any traditional thermostat.

Energy Use is Even and Steady

The frequent on and off of traditional units creates an in-rush current surge which uses more energy and causes unneeded wear and tear on your system. The Bosch inverter system smoothly ramps up operation, avoids spikes in energy use and protects the system’s life-cycle.

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